Several thematic working groups (WG) have been created to design and focus on three major axes for the ESPRI roadmap:

Axis 1: Enhancing the value of environnemental data produced by IPSL and its partners

  • Theme 1.1: Certification of data warehouses and DOI service (Data Object Identifier)
  • Theme 1.2: Improving IPSL data catalogs
  • Theme 1.3: Website

Axis 2: Mobilising new technologies and training users

  • Theme 2.1: Building relevant Virtual Research Environments (VRE)
  • Theme 2.2: Automate processing chains
  • Theme 2.3: Monitoring and metrics

Axis 3: Broadening the fields of expertise in data management

  • Theme 3.1: Developing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) standards at IPSL
  • Theme 3.2: Coordinating infrastructures and services around artificial intelligence IPSL initiatives though ESPRI-IA services
  • Theme 3.3: Collecting and coordinating the production of new energy data sets through the E4C DataHub
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