Within the IPSL Data Centre, ESPRI-Mod team ensures the link between French climate modeling scientists, the data they produce and/or need and use in support of the objectives of the IPSL Climate Modeling Centre (ICMC).

The team designs, develops and deploys necessary applications and services in support of the scientific community in the goal of analysing climate data. This can be broken down into:

Managing and distributing climate simulation performed by French teams for the climate science international community.

To this end, ESPRI-Mod manages and maintains the French servers that are part of the Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF).

Replicating the reference simulations.

ESPRI-Mod puts into use the formats and protocols required for the production and distribution of global climate simulation (CMIP) as well as the regional (CORDEX), the results of which contribute in the making of the GIEC report. This also contributes to the emergence of climate services (Copernicus) by making the data accessible.

Making sure to apply the latest international standards for data and metadata (FAIR certified).

ESPRI-Mod is also part of the international effort for simulation analysis within the scientific community and is also responsible for developing tools aimed at easing management, access and analysis for international climate data.

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