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Within the IPSL Data Centre, ESPRI-Obs team offers expertise and services around the management, valorization and processing of observational and reanalysis data in support of the objectives of the IPSL Centre of Earth Observation (ICEO). In particular, its role is to enhance data produced by IPSL and to ease the access to various datasets for IPSL and its partners near the computing facilities used by the IPSL community. it provides the IPSL community with a meta-catalog service that allows to value the datasets of different research groups. It also provides DOIs on remarkable datasets or datasets related to publications.


The ESPRI-Obs team also supports activities for different IPSL communities such as the  African Pollen and paleoclimate database started in 2019. We also provide support to ensure an easier access to long term data records for climate studies such the new renalysis  ERA5 from the Copernicus Climate Service or other datasets such the MERRA-2, long term satellite data series, ..


ESPRI-Obs is one of the four Data and Services Centers of the national AERIS thematic data center. It manages data and projects for:

  • space missions (e.g. IASI, GOSAT, GEWEX),
  • regional projects (e.g. Hymex, Charmex),
  • measurement campaigns (e.g. MAGIC, EUREC4A, MICA, STRATEOLE-2),
  • observation networks (e.g. NDACC, ACTRIS),
  • chemical reaction database (IUPAC) and spectroscopy database (GEISA)


ESPRI-Obs is also a data center for European projects such as HEMERA (balloon data management), and for various data streams of the European structure ACTRIS-RI (Eurochamp, GRES, Re-Obs projects).

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