Computing Centre

Since 1996, IPSL and its laboratories have built a shared numerical infrastructure combining:

  • High-performance computing resources,
  • A large storage capacity, and a high-speed network.

This infrastructure aims at supporting:

  • Data management,
  • Data processing,
  • Data visualization,
  • and distribution activities.

Recognized since 2009 as the IPSL’s mesocentre, this infrastructure is now built around three interconnected platforms spread over the IPSL’s sites:

  • The Pierre-et-Marie-Curie Campus of Sorbonne University in Paris,
  • The Ecole Polytechnique in Saclay,
  • and the Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines University (UVSQ) in Guyancourt.

The geographical distribution of the ESPRI mesocentre – initially linked to local developments – now offers a redundancy of services. This resilience of ESPRI also relies on the thematic and technical expertise and skills of the IT staff from the IPSL’s laboratories involved in the development and the maintenance of the mesocentre services.

On the other hand, the management and support of the users and softwares  are completely centralized and shared between the different IT teams.

This makes ESPRI an efficient distributed e-infrastructure made up of a set of software and hardware resources distributed over three sites. These are precisely:

  • Storage resources
  • Computing resources
  • Network resources
  • Virtualization and containerization platforms
  • Computer rooms
  • Backup and archiving systems
  • Software Environments