How to put a DOI on your dataset

Easy Data

Earth System Data Repository

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If you need to obtain a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for an Earth system observation or simulation dataset for a scientific publication, please use the Easydata portal of the DATA TERRA infrastructure.

ESPRI data repository

If you want to get a DOI on your dataset in order to publish it on the ESPRI data portal, please refer to the following steps and send us by email at the information requested below.

1. Make the data accessible via the IPSL Computing and Data Center:

To do this, answer the questions below :

  • Where are your data located ?
  • Specify the data policy on your data: are they public or with restricted access ? If restricted, what are the restrictions ?
  • How often is your data updated: is the archive time-limited or is it updated regularly?
  • What is the volume of your dataset?

2. Provide a picture (image or logo) to illustrate the metadata sheet

3. Document the data via our metacatalogue

Please fill in the following fields :

  • The creator of the dataset (PI)
  • Title of dataset (in English)
  • Year of publication
  • Contact point(s) (PI or other contact)
  • Contributors (people associated with the data)
  • Type of Resource (software or dataset)
  • An abstract (in english)
  • If relevant, the name of the project to which the dataset is attached (e.g. GEWEX-GDAP, GRUAN, ..)
  • One or more keywords for the following 3 categories (to be chosen from the following site: GCMD earth data nasa):
    • Parameters (Science keywords)
    • Platforms
    • Instruments
  • Temporal range
  • Spatial extent
  • Reference (article)
  • Data Policy : Permission is granted to use these data in research and publications mentioning the DOI and accompanied by the following statement :

The authors acknowledge XXX for supplying the data and the data center ESPRI/IPSL for their help in accessing the data.

You can also provide one or more complementary documents that may help in understanding the data. This complementary documentation will be added to the ESPRI metacalogue page of your data set.

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