The repository maintains all applicable licenses covering data access and use and monitors compliance

Under the aegis of its institution authorities, ESPRI is committed to promote open science and free access to resources and publications. Consequently, the vast majority of the ESPRI holdings are public, non-sensitive and therefore “license-free” as described by the “Open Data” principles: “data is not subject to any copyright, patent, trademark or trade secret regulation. Reasonable privacy, security and privilege restrictions may be allowed”. 

When datasets are not directly linked to a license, or a license that implies restricted access, the data is made public under a CC-BY license by default. In the case they are governed by disclosure conditions defined with the data producer as described in R4, they are made public under a CC-BY license once the embargo period is over. However, ESPRI aims at promoting access to data by pursuing free and open data access policies, following the “Open Science” policy and recommendations actively promoted by our national institutions and European partners.

The ESPRI data center encourages the use of CC-0 or CC-BY licenses for data and CeCILL or GNU/GPL for softwares (following French government recommendations in relevant links), with the exception of some observation campaigns or datasets, these may be subject to project-specific licenses.

Some ESPRI datasets have explicitly a CC-BY license. This is the case for instance of datasets produced in the context of the 6th phase of the Couple Modeling Intercomparison Project (CMIP6). Others are subject to a distribution embargo and have a specific restricted data policy as for the EUREC4A or HyMeX campaigns. Data licensing has been detailed in the ESPRI Data Management Plan.

In some cases, the license can be specified in the metadata. For instance, bias-adjusted data produced from CMIP6 simulations at IPSL led to a license relaxing from CC-BY-SA to CC-BY in 2022s in agreement with the WCRP CMIP Infrastructure Panel (WIP). Thus, any by-products remixed, transformed, or built upon CMIP6 do not need attribution requirements or agreement to make it openly available.

The compliance to applied license is mainly checked during quality control procedures.

ESPRI does not have a general Data Policy but a contract is drawn up with each data supplier or a Data Reference Syntax drafted according to the projects, in order to ensure the systematic application of the general principles described above.