Other Services

IPSL develops and fosters the emergence of science-society links on climate change through interdisciplinary scientific themes. In this context, the ESPRI platform offers services accessible to research centers, climate change communities, policy makers among other users.

Artificial Intelligence Support

ESPRI-IA is a ESPRI task force dedicated to coordinate services around Artificial Intelligence, especially machine learning and deep learning. ESPRI-IA aims at stimulating synergies in artificial intelligence at IPSL, by:

  • mutualising resources for artificial intelligence at IPSL,
  • consulting for software and artificial intelligence development methods and best practices,
  • enhance the value of machine learning codes developed at ESPRI.

Climate Services

IPSL aims at establishing climate services as a scientific issue, in conjunction with stakeholders. It develops the emergence of climate research applications outside of the academic sector, in the field of climate change. Climate services are being developed at ESPRI through several partnerships and scientific projects. ESPRI attractiveness also goes beyond the academic community. Regular requests for access to data and expertise from private companies.