ESPRI-IA Gitlab repository usage

This page is a guideline for the ESPRI-IA Gitlab repository group hosted by IN2P3.

Gitlab access

All members of the IPSL laboratories and the IPSL federation have access to the group named IPSL in the IN2P3 Gitlab instance (a Gitlab group is a directory that can contain Git groups and repositories). In addition, each IPSL laboratory has its own Gitlab group attached to the IPSL group, administered by laboratory staff. For more information, read this document. Currently, the administrators of the ESPRI-IA Gitlab group are S. Gardoll and G. Levavasseur. Gitlab roles for this group are granted to ESPRI-IA members on request.

Type of repositories

The purpose of the ESPRI-IA Gitlab group is to centralize projects, documents and training courses produced by ESPRI-IA, as well as AI projects and code produced by the IPSL AI community with potential for reuse in AI engineering (tutorials, software libraries, code snippets, etc.). However, the group can also accommodate AI projects that have no natural connection or the inter-laboratory AI projects. Thus, the following items can be found in the ESPRI-IA Gitlab group:

  • The AI Training courses, tutorials and code snippets,
  • The documentation and the web pages of ESPRI-IA,
  • The reusable AI software libraries,
  • The AI projects:
    • ESPRI-IA own projects,
    • whose engineering is potentially reusable by the IPSL AI community,
    • inter-laboratories,
    • with no natural connection.


Tree structure:

|____ IPSL
       |____ ESPRI
               |____ ESPRI-IA
                       |___ Documents
                       |___ Projects